You'll find various projects that I've worked on in recent years here. These projects are built and maintained by myself. Hopefully you'll find some use in them as I've myself!

Window Hide

Window hide allows you to hide application windows like a Macintosh on Windows 11/10/7/Vista/XP! It's easy to use too! Check it out @


Shawdy serves as a powerful marketing tool. It serves as a medium between customers and their destination. Shawdy also has a Google Chrome exstension to make it simple to not only shorten links with Shawdy, but tinyurl, bitly, and - making it easy to Shawdy It! makes it simple to refresh the page you want to refresh. It's as simple as that! Included is a fancy straightforward user interface, custom refresh time interval and a real time countdown timer on toolbar and button selection. Check out the Google Chrome Extension!

Pictures of Cats

Just a collection of cats -

Can I Haz Privacy

A huge hosts file updated regularly -