Hiding Windows Like a Mac

One thing that’s great about having a Macintosh, is the ability to hide application windows. With Microsoft Windows still being the most popular operating system to date, it unfortunately doesn’t have a native approach to this. While there are programs out there to solve this, they’re either outdated, memory hogs or too complicated. Wanting to find a solution to this – I decided to make my own – thus Window Hide was born!

Window Hide allows you to easily hide any application’s window by simply holding down the ALT key and clicking the window. You can hide as many windows as you want – even the desktop icons! In order to unhide a window, just hit that ALT key and right click, the previously hidden window will reappear right away.

It works on all Windows Operating systems from XP to Windows 11, takes very little memory and best of all it only weighs in at about 600 KB – that’s tiny! There isn’t a tray icon, it can only be exited from task manager and in order to have it run on restart you’d just add it to the startup folder.

Check it out at https://windowhide.com/